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The creation of AHM - Atelier Hervé Meyer in 2009 is just one step in the celebrated career of landscape designer, Hervé Meyer. It is the logical continuation of his passion for Mother Nature, which has inspired him since childhood. He was only 11 years old when he discovered the

medicinal power of certain plants, thanks to his grandmother, an herbalist. This was a revelation for the young boy, who, over the years would develop a deep respect and privileged relationship with nature. As a teenager, Hervé spent his free time at Schneider Soeurs, one of the oldest garden centres in Cannes, his hometown. There, he deepened his knowledge of plants and more particularly, the vast and varied Mediterranean flora.

His studies led him towards the architecture of gardens and landscapes, which made Hervé Meyer ponder the relationship between man and nature - about this modern society where everything goes so fast - perhaps too fast? - where humans are moving further and further away from what is essential to their well-being. From this, he realised his dream and a seemingly simple answer to our fast-paced lives: to create lush spaces of pure serenity, allowing people to let go and indulge in moments of happiness.

In 2001, with his diploma in hand, he joined the Jean Mus et Compagnie agency. Jean Mus's overflowing passion for the Mediterranean garden resonated with the young professional who remained eight years learning the subtle art of designing exceptional gardens.

"Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, it dictates the rhythm of our creations while respecting the planting periods, the seasons, the climate, the soil and the wisdom of the setting".

At only 28 years old, Hervé Meyer had extensive experience and a noble ambition - it was time to set off on his own. In 2009, Atelier Hervé Meyer opened its doors in Le Cannet with a team of multidisciplinary professionals, united with common values: passion, creativity and audacity. The AHM team’s approach to gardens and landscapes is based on the same vision and conviction and their respect for the environment is uncompromising.

“We share a beautiful and great adventure on a daily basis, in a place unique in the world, the Mediterranean.”

For Hervé Meyer, the interplay between humans and nature is paramount and he ensures that man and his environment remain at the heart of each AHM project, carefully crafting a framework that respects social, economic and environmental balance, where human beings can express themselves and flourish.

In 2018, Atelier Hervé Meyer joined the Groupement d’Intérêt Économique (GIE) Revea, a consortium of architecture, design and sustainable building firms with a common goal: to work in concert with complementary design offices and improve performance on large-scale projects across territories.

Our creations, as varied as they are prestigious, carried out over the years, attest to the know-how of AHM. Each project bears witness to an unusual and unique approach, a constant search for the most fitting design and a sensitivity that offers solutions as coherent as they are aesthetically pleasing to public spaces - whether in urban or natural settings.

What’s next for Hervé Meyer? He is considering the future and the commitment a 21st-century landscape designer has to the planet and its inhabitants. He feels a great sense of responsibility and believes the role “will be the guardian not only of the resources of the planet but also of the well-being of its people."

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